Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa (Subclass 400)

  1. What is the Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa (subclass 400)?
  2. What can you do on the 400 Visa?
  3. Am I eligible for the 400 Visa?
  4. What should I include in my 400 Visa application?
  5. How much does the 400 Visa cost?
  6. How long can you stay on the 400 Visa?
  7. What is the processing time for the 400 Visa?
  8. What are my obligations on the 400 Visa?


The Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa (subclass 400) is a temporary visa that allows highly skilled applicants to enter Australia and work on a short-term basis; this usually is under 3 months but in limited cases with special circumstances it can be for up to 6 months.

This visa allows you to

  • Stay in Australia temporarily
  • Work in Australia in a highly specialised job (the work must be non-ongoing)
  • Include family members in the application

Note: non-ongoing means that the work/activity the visa is granted for will be completed within 6 months or under and you don’t plan on staying in Australia after the completion

You are protected by Australian workplace law.  See their workplace rights and entitlements.

400 Visa Eligibility criteria

  • Have unique specialised skills, knowledge or experience that cannot otherwise be found in Australia (within reason) that will benefit Australian business
  • Be able to financially support yourself and any dependants
  • Be outside Australia at the time of application and when the Department of Home Affairs makes a decision on your visa
  • Be a genuine visitor (you must evidence that you do not plan on staying in Australia and are only here to do the work/activity listed in your visa application)
  • Meet health and character requirements
  • Sign the Australian values statement
  • Have paid back any debt to the government
  • Not have had a visa cancelled in Australia or previous application refused

Note: the subclass 400 is not relevant to the entertainment industry if you are looking to perform in Australia/support/organise performers or have any part in a production that will be shown, broadcast or performed in Australia (including theatre, film, television, radio, concert or a recording), you will need to apply for the Temporary Activity Visa (subclass 408)

Things you should include in your 400 Visa application

  • A copy of your resume
  • A copy of any qualifications you have i.e., licences, degrees etc.
  • A reference from your current employer explaining your current duties and position
  • Proof you have work in Australia

400 Visa Cost

From AUD 405 (except in specific circumstances)

(Update date:2023.07)

Additional costs: You might also have to pay other costs for each applicant for health checks, police certificates and biometrics.

400 Visa Length of stay

This is visa is a temporary visa, it can be granted for up to 6 months (based on circumstances). In most cases, for a stay to be longer then 3 months a business case must be provided with the application.

Note: you cannot apply for this visa in Australia or extend your stay longer than what is on your grant. If you are granted a single-entry visa, choose to leave Australia before this visa expires you will not be granted access back into Australia under this visa. If you are granted a multiple entry visa you can come to and from Australia as much as you choose for the duration of this visa. If you’re not sure your conditions for travelling on this visa or when it expires check VEVO.

400 Visa Processing time

As of 2023.07, the published average processing times are as follows:

  • 25% of applications: 6 Days
  • 50% of applications: 12 Days
  • 75% of applications: 19 Days
  • 90% of applications: 34 Days

400 Visa obligations

  • You must obey all Australian laws
  • Only do the work/activity the visa was granted for
  • Inform the department if anything changes. This includes employment status, the birth of a child and any changes to personal details such as phone number, address or passport
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