About us

Based in Sydney, we are a professional immigration agency that provides a variety of Australian visa application services, immigration planning and settlement services. Our team, consisting of an elite group of individuals, registered immigration consultants, registered education consultants, and government-approved professional translators can assist you in navigating the different avenues of migration to Australia. The accumulation in years of knowledge and our experience and understanding of the issues and struggles faced by migrants have formed the underlying framework of our firm that exists today. The thoughtful and meticulous service combined with its high success rate has won the trust and recommendation of numerous clients.

Our specialty lies in immigration planning as we strive to deliver a professional and ethical service that understands the nature of your situation to assist in achieving a desirable outcome. We here at Aussie Immigration services® takes advantage of modern technology and process management to ensure we address all aspects of your case and satisfy our promise of an easy, effective and efficient application process. During the visa application process, the client will be given a detailed explanation of the overall process including information regarding the time of the trial, costs incurred, and a proofreading of all application materials to minimize errors that may occur. Alongside the immigrant visa services, our firm also recognizes the complexities in settling within Australia, therefore we provide settlement services to assist you in better integrating into society and easing the transition upon arrival. If you wish to consult, you can contact us via face-to-face communication, phone or email.

TEL: +61 2 8203 2999

Our utmost professionalism and determination to meet our highest standards, fine system management and sincere and enthusiastic service are the key factors for Aussie Immigration’s success. Our team has been professionally trained in immigration regulations and practices, and most of the staff have experience in living and working in China, Europe, America, Middle East and Australia. Therefore, our aim is to make your immigration process as easy and smooth as possible with our extensive knowledge, rich experience and excellent professional skills. Since 2008 our company has set a solid track record in providing with immigration services, whereby we have maintained a close contact with Australian government agencies and the community to help you successfully achieve your immigrant visa journey.

We offer a professional visa program

Most Australian visa applications are complex and daunting. However, all of our Australian registered immigration agents and assistants have extensive experience in handling immigration matters, providing our clients with a seamless and simple process.

All of our registered immigration agents have obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Australian Immigration Law. In addition, we regularly review cases and decisions and research the latest changes and trends in order to provide you with the best service possible. Our policy is to be fair, honest and to always protect to our customers and maintain confidentiality.

Our process:

We divide the visa application process into the following five steps:

  1. Program Planning: We will analyze your situation and recommend the most appropriate visa, or whether you are eligible for the visa you wish to apply for.
  2. Sign the agreement: explain and sign the contract, clarify your rights and obligations
  3. Preparation for the application: We provide you with a detailed list of documents to help you prepare your visa.
  4. Submit to the government: We submit your application on your behalf and keep you informed of the latest developments.
  5. Get approval: We communicate with the immigration department on your behalf and report to you at any time until a decision is made.
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