Assurance of Support

Understanding Assurance of Support for Contributory Parent Visa Applicants

For Australian residents who meet the eligibility criteria and aim to sponsor their parents’ migration to Australia via the Contributory Parent Visa program, comprehending the Assurance of Support (AoS) requirement is important. This financial obligation functions as a safeguard, guaranteeing that sponsored parents receive sufficient financial assistance during their initial establishment phase in Australia. Hence, we aim to discuss about the AoS framework, encompassing aspects such as bank guarantees, income assessments, and the process of fund release, with the intention of offering clarity to potential applicants.

What is Assurance of Support?

Assurance of Support constitutes a legal undertaking undertaken by either an individual or a collective entity to furnish financial assistance to migrants or visa aspirants, specifically in this instance, parents seeking a Contributory Parent Visa. The objective is to ascertain that the sponsored parents possess ample financial means to sustain themselves, thereby mitigating any potential strain on Australian welfare services.

Centrelink Assurance of Support Income Test:

Applicants for the Contributory Parent Visa must undergo an income test conducted by Centrelink to assess their eligibility for AoS. This test assesses the financial resources of the assurer(s) to ensure they have the means to fulfill their commitment. Factors such as income, assets, and any government benefits received are considered in this assessment.

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Assurance of Support Contact Number:

Understanding and fulfilling the AoS requirement can be intricate, and prospective applicants may find themselves in need of guidance. Centrelink offers a dedicated contact line, 132 850, specifically for individuals seeking assistance or clarification regarding AoS obligations associated with the Contributory Parent Visa. This helpline facilitates direct access to experienced representatives who can address inquiries and offer support throughout the application process.

Assurance of Support Bank Guarantee:

Besides the income test, individuals must also supply a bank guarantee. This involves a financial institution agreeing to pay a set amount to the Australian government if the sponsored parents need welfare assistance during their AoS period. It serves as a financial safety measure, ensuring that the government can recover any possible expenses.

Centrelink Assurance of Support Release:

In certain circumstances, it may be possible to apply for a release from the Assurance of Support obligation. This usually requires demonstrating a significant change in circumstances, such as financial hardship or the sponsored parents gaining self-sufficiency. Centrelink evaluates release requests on a case-by-case basis, considering the merits of each situation.

How to Calculate Assurance of Support:

Calculating the Assurance of Support requirement involves assessing the financial resources of the assurer(s) against specified thresholds set by the Australian government. This calculation takes into account factors such as income, assets, and family composition. While the process may seem daunting, seeking assistance from Centrelink or qualified professionals can simplify the calculations and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

In summary, Assurance of Support is a crucial component of the Contributory Parent Visa application process, ensuring that sponsored parents have the necessary financial support during their initial settlement period in Australia. By understanding the intricacies of AoS, including bank guarantees, income tests, and release options, applicants can navigate these requirements effectively, supported by the resources provided by Centrelink and other relevant authorities.

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