We provide simplified visa solutions

Visa applications can be both complicated and daunting.  However, all our Registered Migration Agents and assistants are experienced in dealing with migration matters, resulting in a seamless and easy process for our clients.

Our team comprises of two Registered Migration Agents, including a solicitor, with extensive experience and insight into the visa application process.

Additionally, we regularly review cases and decisions as well as researching the latest changes and trends. We are always fair and honest with clients. When you engage us, your application is guaranteed to be in good hands.

Our process:

  • Information review: provide as much information as possible on the online assessment form before you see us, to ensure we can provide the most detailed advice possible.
  • Provide advice: We analyse your situation and advise on the most appropriate solution to your migration issue.
  • Appointment of Aussie Immigration Services as your representatives.
  • Preparation: We provide you with a tailored document checklist, help you prepare your application, and provide you with updates and answers to your questions throughout.
  • Lodgement: We lodge the application on your behalf.

After lodging your application:

  • Communication: We communicate with the Department on your behalf, updating both you and the Department as necessary.
  • Finalisation:We advise you the outcome of your application and obtain further instructions from you if necessary.
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