Initial Consultation

Aussie Immigration Services offers a variety of professional migration services for individuals seeking to live, work, or study in Australia. For many, the initial step involves a consultation with one of our qualified and experienced registered migration agents to discuss potential migration pathways.

During your initial consultation, you’ll have the chance to outline your current situation, express any concerns, discuss your motivations for traveling to or staying in Australia, and articulate your migration objectives. Following this, we’ll assess whether we can assist you with your migration needs and provide you with comprehensive information about your options, including an overview of the processes involved and the associated costs.

During your consultation, you can expect the following from us:

  • Preliminary advice regarding your potential migration options, based on the information that you provide
  • An outline of the requirements for your migration option(s) and the process involved; for instance, what steps you must take to apply for the relevant visa
  • An estimate of the likely costs involved
  • Guidance as to whether we can provide migration assistance to you

Standard Fee: From $165

Consultation Time: Up to 30 minutes

The standard fee for an initial consultation is AU$165, with a consultation time of up to 30 minutes. To ensure that your consultation time is used efficiently, we recommend completing the enclosed eligibility form in the confirmation email received shortly after successful booking, if you haven’t already completed our online assessment form. Additionally, please provide us with any questions you may have before attending the appointment. This will allow us to review and research your inquiries beforehand.

The purpose of the initial consultation is to assess whether there are viable options for your migration to or stay in Australia. It’s important to note that we cannot guarantee the availability of such options or our ability to provide migration assistance. Please be aware that detailed migration assistance is not provided during the initial consultation.
Should you require further migration advice and assistance after our consultation, you will need to formally engage our services.

To schedule an appointment for an initial consultation, please click on the booking button provided below.

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