Permission to Work for Tourist Visa Holders

It is little known that Subclass 600 visa lodged in Australia could be granted without condition 8101, It is impossible to remove or to waive condition 8101 if it has been already imposed on a Subclass 600 visa. However, a Subclass 600 visa holder who can prove that they are suffering from financial hardship after entering Australia may be able to apply for a new Subclass 600 visa without condition 8101. In other words, they have permission to work on the new tourist visa.

To be granted a Subclass 600 visa in Australia with permission to work, the applicant must provide supporting documents with their application to prove all of the following financial hardship criteria:

  • The applicant is suffering financial hardship as a result of changes in the applicant’s circumstances after entering Australia. The applicant must provide evidence showing financial hardship due to changed circumstances. For instance, an emergency happened and incurred unexpected costs.
  • The applicant, or their family member, is likely to be a cost on public funds in Australia if they are not permitted to work. For example, the applicant’s family member becomes very sick and the applicant requires an income to fund unexpected medical costs.
  • For reasons beyond the applicant’s control, the applicant, or their family member, cannot leave Australia. The applicant must provide evidence showing that they have explored all the other options, including seeking assistance from their embassy in Australia, relatives or friends, to help them to leave Australia.
  • The applicant has compelling personal reasons to work in Australia. The applicant must demonstrate that there are no other options but to apply for permission to work in Australia. For example, the applicant provides evidence that their funds for a return flight are stolen and they have no access to an alternative source.

Applicants who are granted with this visa will have the visa application charge refunded. However, there is no refund available if the application is refused or if the applicant does not meet the financial hardship criteria.

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