Medicare Application

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What is Medicare?

Medicare is Australia's healthcare system that helps cover the costs of a range of health services.

What are the eligibility requirements for Medicare? Who can apply for Medicare?

The following people can enjoy Medicare benefits:
  • Australian citizens
  • Foreigners with Australian permanent residency visas
  • New Zealand citizens
  • People who have submitted permanent residency visa applications in Australia
How to apply for Medicare?

Eligible individuals can bring their application materials to any Medicare office or service center to register and submit their applications.

After submitting their application, applicants need to wait patiently for about 3 to 4 weeks for their completed Medicare cards to be mailed to the mailing address provided. If the applicant urgently needs to use Medicare services, the staff will give a Medicare number after confirming that they meet the Medicare application requirements. The applicant can use this number to enjoy Medicare benefits immediately until they receive the completed Medicare card.

In addition to the above-mentioned on-site processing methods, you can also apply for or renew Medicare through an online account or mobile application, saving the trouble of calling or visiting the Medicare office. Online services include: using Medicare online account or Express Plus Medicare mobile app to apply for Medicare Benefits, update personal and bank account information, apply for reissue of Medicare card or receive duplicate card, check immunization record, etc.

What basic materials are needed to apply for Medicare?

Completed Medicare application form (our company will fill in the application form for you after receiving your submitted information)

Original passport

Visa proof:

Copy of the current visa approval letter, applicable to applicants whose permanent visa has been approved, or

Submission of permanent visa application and corresponding bridging visa: Acknowledgement Letter & Bridging Visa Grant Notification, applicable to applicants whose permanent visa has been submitted and the corresponding bridging visa has taken effect, or

Confirmation letter from AAT that meets Medicare application conditions (if applicable)

Address proof (such as driver's license, water, electricity, internet, telephone bill, bank statement, etc.)

Whether to provide proof of address depends on the applicant's personal situation.

What is the next step after payment?

After completing the payment, please fill in the Medicare information form. We will use the information you fill out on this form to complete your Medicare application.

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