AIS Scope of Service

The services to be performed by our firm include (but are not limited to):

  • Visa eligibility assessment (this includes analysis of the applicable law and policy, and its application to your particular circumstances and goals)
  • Providing advice and assistance in relation to the information and documents required to support your application
  • Preparing your application, including any necessary application forms and supporting submissions
  • Compiling your application in the required form for lodgement
  • Lodging your application with the relevant authority for processing as soon as practicable
  • Monitoring the relevant authority’s processing of your application until that authority makes its final decision. This includes advising you of any requests and/or communications received from the relevant authority and notifying you of that authority’s final decision. This service is provided on a complimentary basis only.

We estimate that it may take several weeks to lodge your application, with the time taken largely dependent on when you provide the necessary supporting information and documents.

The timeframe for a decision regarding your application is dependent upon the relevant authority’s processing time service standards for this matter. Please note that the actual time that it takes to process your application may also vary depending upon a number of other factors, including the complexity of your case, perceived risk factors and processing priorities.

Should your matter exceed the stated processing standards, we will contact the relevant authority in order to bring your matter to its attention, and facilitate processing.

Please note that we have no control over processing timeframes, and that we cannot guarantee that your application will be approved or decided by a certain date.

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