Work Permission for an essential service in the pandemic – Granted the next day after request

We recently assisted a client who was seeking work rights on his Bridging visa

A visa condition that may be imposed on some visas, is Condition 8101: The holder must not engage in work in Australia. This can create difficulties for visa holders who need to support themselves, or might have had work rights on their substantive visa but cannot keep working whilst their new application is being processed. 

We acted on behalf of our client to request work permission whilst he was on his Bridging visa. We explained the importance of the applicant being allowed to continue his existing work, which was in an essential service that had increased in demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This differs from the usual grounds of financial hardship. 

We arranged for evidence to be submitted. This satisfied compelling reasons for the applicant to be granted the right to work, and was successfully granted the next day after lodging. 

If you have any enquiries about work permission on your visa, about your Bridging Visa, or the effect of the current pandemic on your visa, please contact us.

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