Step 1: Enter the URL of the online application tax number

Step 2: Click on Individuals and select Apply for a TFN

Step 3: According to the applicant’s visa situation, select the appropriate category, foreign passport holders, permanent immigrants and short-term visitors choose the first item

Step 4: Click Apply online for a TFN after applying for three conditions for online tax identification.

  • Applicant is a foreign passport holder, permanent immigrant or short-term visitor
  • The applicant is already in Australia
  • The visa held by the applicant is one of the following categories
    • Permanent immigrant visa
    • Visa with work permit
    • International student visa
    • Visa that allows applicants to stay in Australia indefinitely (including visas automatically granted by New Zealanders upon arrival)

Step 5: Click Next

Step 6: Fill in the applicant’s passport number or travel document number, select the country of the passport or travel document, have you visited Australia, choose Yes and click Next.

Step 7: Fill in the applicant’s name, previous name (if any), date of birth, gender, spouse’s name (if any)

Step 8: Select whether the applicant has applied for TFN or ABN before. If you have applied, please fill in TFN or ABN.

Choose whether the applicant has previously applied for a tax refund in Australia

Choose whether the applicant has a property in Australia or has other commercial interests

Whether to authorize ATO to send TFN to Centrelink, choose No

Step 9: Check the applicant’s information and click it

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