Free Initial Consultation

You can obtain a brief free consultation if you follow the steps below.

Follow the steps below:

1. ‘Like’ and follow our Facebook page and share one of our recent posts.

2. Fill out our online assessment questionnaire.
(Please be advised we will not offer free consultation if the questionaire received is not fully completed.)

3. Once you have filled this out, we will review your information and give you a brief free consultation when we have the time, depending on how busy we are that day.

If you have a complex issue, or a lot of documents, requiring an in-depth consultation, you should make a paid appointment.

Quotation: $165 for an in-depth consultation of up to 1 hour. You can contact us through the following methods:

Telephone: +61 2 8203 2999

Email: Please use our contact form here

Office Address: 6/13 Bridge St Epping NSW 2121

Note: Before the consultation, our staff member will direct you to complete our online assessment questionnaire on our iPad/computer or on your mobile. (You can also do this at home before you come to our office)

Guide to the Self-Assessment Form

Applicant Details:

Ensure you fill out both your email address and phone number, so that we have a way to contact you.

The more details you provide us, the more comprehensive the advice we can give you. For example, when entering details of your degree, make sure you put the entire degree name, and the start date and end date.


If you have a specific question, ensure that you enter this here.

The scope of a free consultation is limited to only providing a quotation and general information based on your inquiries. No specific inquiries would be answered. For answers to specific inquiries, please consider booking a paid consultation.

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