Same Sex Couple Partner Visa

Mr Liang entered Australia on a tourist visa. This visa has an 8503 condition that states you cannot apply for any other visa while in Australia, with the exception of a protection visa. He applied for a protection visa and was refused by both the Department and the Refugee Review Tribunal. He remained in Australia despite this decision as he was very upset. Six months later, he met Mr Li. The two quickly became close and moved in together soon afterwards. They had lived together for more than one year before coming to Aussie Immigration Services. With our assistance, they gathered enough evidence to have the 8503 condition waived. Though they were then free to apply for a partner visa, there were further complications: as Mr Liang had overstayed his visa, the Schedule 3 conditions barred him from remaining in Australia while waiting on a partner visa decision. However, Aussie Immigration Services, assisted them in providing the right evidence to the Department to have the Schedule 3 conditions waived. Now lawfully in Australia on a bridging visa, we successfully submitted applications for Mr Liang to be able to work in Australia and finally, a Partner visa was approved. We assisted the happy couple through a difficult case to get the best possible outcome, and they were very thankful for all of our help.

*Not their real names

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