Call Bupa to Book Visa Medical

Tel: 1300794919

Click to hear the recording

  1. Press 1 after you hear, ‘If you are calling about Australian visa medical, Please press one’
  2. Press 1 again after you hear, ‘If you are calling to make a booking or modify an existing booking, please press one’
  3. Wait for the next available operator who can make the booking for you.
  4. Answer the operator’s questions, including the following:
    • Whether it is an individual/family booking
    • The clinic you prefer based on your location. (e.g. Parramatta/Sydney clinic)
    • The date and time of the examination (book no more than 5 business days in advance)
    • HAP ID
    • Name of medical assessments required
    • Full name, date of birth, passport number, residential address, (including the street number and postcode)
    • Are you in any kind of health care profession?
    • Are you currently pregnant or on your menstruation cycle?
    • Can you speak English? (An interpreter can be arranged upon request.)
    • Email (to receive the appointment confirmation-email)
    • mobile number (to receive the appointment confirmation-text message)
  5. Check your message and email for the appointment confirmation
  6. On the day of the examination, you need to pay the fee, which can be done by card only.

Sample of confirmation email

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