COVID-19 Visa Concessions for Partner and Child visas

From 19 September 2020, a number of concessions will be available for certain visa holders impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 concessions are to help visa holders continue on their visa pathway if they have been disadvantaged by COVID-19 border closures, business restrictions or the economic downturn.

If you hold, or held, a temporary or provisional visa listed below during the COVID-19 concession period you may be eligible for a COVID-19 concession.

The COVID-19 concession period commences from 1 February 2020 and is an interim arrangement. Check back here or contact Aussie Immigration Services for updates about when the concession period will end.

Some categories of visas require applicants to be outside of Australia at the time the visa is granted. Department of Home Affairs is aware that COVID-19 travel restrictions are affecting visa applicants, particularly applicants for family visas who have come to Australia.

The Department is taking disruptions arising from the pandemic into account when considering visa applications. Visa applicants are being given additional time to complete the necessary requirements, including any current requirement to be offshore at time of visa grant.

If you have applied for a Partner or Child visa outside Australia but are in Australia during the COVID-19 concession period, you can be granted a visa in Australia if you meet all other visa criteria.

  • Visa applicants who made their visa application outside Australia before the end of the COVID-19 concession period, but have been in Australia during that period, will be able to have their visa granted in Australia if all the other requirements for the visa are met.
  • Any applicant who is outside Australia and who meets the usual visa grant requirements will be able to be granted the visa outside Australia (as per the current process).

Applicants who come to Australia after the end of the COVID-19 concession period will not be able to be granted their visa while they are in Australia.

Visas included in this concession are:

  • Child (subclass 101) visa
  • Adoption (subclass 102) visa
  • Dependent Child (subclass 445) visa
  • Prospective Marriage (subclass 300) visa
  • Partner (subclass 309) visa.


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